George Walker Sworn:

Mr Walker, I’ll get you to the Jury, if you saw any of these five men, on June 27th 1844, the day that Joseph Smith was murdered.

I am not positive that I saw all of them, that day, though I think I saw some of those gentlemen. that day,

Who of them did you see that day.

I think I saw Davis, Grover, and Williams,

Where did you see them.

I saw them at different places, I saw them at Warsaw, and at the Railroad shanties,

Do you recollect of seeing Sharp that day.

I cant say.

Do you recollect of seeing Oldridge that day.

I cant say.

Did you hear Davis, Williams, and Grover, say anything about, coming to Carthage.

I did.

What did Williams say about it;

It would be impossible for me to identify the [illegible] he made.

Well as near as you can.

He stated that Governor Ford, had done all he could do, and gone as far as the law authorized him to go in the then existing circumstances.

Did he say anything of coming to Carthage.

He said something about it,

Was there anything said about volunteers.

Yes. there was a call made for volunteers.

Do you recollect who made that call.

I do not.

Do you recollect if any of these men were present when it was made.

I do not recollect.

Did Colonel Williams say anything about the Mormons,

Not to my recollection

Did he speak of coming to Carthage.

He did.

Did you hear Davis say anything of coming that day.

I heard him say something of not coming.

What did he say about not coming.

He said he would be damned if he would go to kill a man, that was confined inprison.

Who was he talking to.

to myself and others.

Who was present beside yourself.

I am not positive

Did you hear Grover say anything, about coming.


Did you see these men start.

I cannot say I did.

Was there anything said, publickly that day in the crowd beside what you heard Davis say, about the killing of the Smiths,

probably I heard something said by some individuals at this time.

Did they talk publickly about coming to kill Smith.

I did not say I heard any body.

What were they going to Carthage for.

That is beyond the extent of my knowledge.

You was discharged, and went home about your buissness I suppose.

I did.

And Davis swore, he would not, go to Carthage, and kill a man in Jail.

He did.

What colour of a horse did Williams ride.

He was riding abay mare.

Do you know anything, about the baggage Waggons.

I do.

How many were there.

Eight or Sic at least.

Did you see a man of the name of Brackenberry driving one of the waggons.

I did not.

Had Oldridge any Waggons, there.

Not to my knowledge.

Do you know a man of the name of Fuller having a baggage Waggon there.

I do not know.

Then retired.