Larkin Scot Sworn:

Mr. Scot where do you reside?

I live 8 ½ miles from this on the Quincy road.

Do you know A man by the name of Daniels?

I do.

Did you ever have any conversation with him or hear him make any statements with regard to the killing of the Smiths?

The nights after the report came to us he came to my house about dark or A little after dark there was A considerable quantity of people there for some time afterwards among the company was John Pike and Derock Fullar             After A short time I said I thought that it was possible they where tired and told the Gentlemen to go up stairs and got to bed; about two oclock in the morning there was A considerable quantity of people gathering in the neighbourd as I termed to obey the orders of the Governor before they has got them.  I went up stairs about two oclock on hearing Daniels say that he was tired and wanted to go home to his family, and as Mr. Henderson had not gone he thought he had better get up and go with them he accordingly got up and we went down to hendersons but they had not got up.  I suposed they where gone but have understood since they did not go till next day. In conversing with them that rose that morning upon this matter the Generall feelling was that the Missorians had murdered these men.  I asked Daniels if they where all Missorians the reply was they where not Missorians             he then stated that he knew all about it “for I was in the company” he also stated in the conversation that Francklin Worrel was hard to manage for it took two or three to hold him down that he waved his sword very much and made strong efforts     then he said “I am the man who took the sword from him and threw it over the fence” I then replied to Daniels in these words how did you feel in seeing this man shot down his reply was that he did not regret it that it did not moov him for they justly diserved it.  He then comenced to tell me some names but I said stop it keep that to yourself Mr. Daniels and the conversation upon that subject was at an end.

Did he tell you any thing about A light?

Not any thing.

Did he tell you about seeing 4 men shoot Smith after he fell out of the window?

I don’t recollect any conversation of that kind with Daniels.

Did he tell you that these 4 men where so parrallized they had to carry them off the ground?


Cross Examined by Mr. Lamborn.:

He did not tell you the perticulars of the scercumstance at all?

He told me just what I have stated to you.

What you told is just what he told you?


He said the officer of the Gaurd was hard to hold down?


When he comenced naming names who did he name?

He spoke of Jacob Davis that he as a man was a back out and then called him A coward and said he turned back to Warsaw and used his influence to get others to turn.  He names another man by the name of Bedell and damned him for going back.

Why did you stop him from telling the names of those engaged in killing the Smiths?

Because I did not want to know the men that did it.

Why did you not want to know the men that did it?

Because I felt that I did not want to know any thing more about.

You stopt him before he mentioned any others?


And he termed Davis A coward?