Colonel Richardson for the defence then arose and addressed the Jury as follows:

You have heard the inditement read in which is contained the charge, alleged against these defendants, the case is one of vast importance inasmuch as it jeopardizes the lives of these five individuals, you are set to judge this case and upon your decision hang there destiny

The prosecutor for the people has endeavoured to work upon your feelings and as much as possible prejudice you against these men, but between the prosecutor for the people and these defendants we have to say that a verdict has not yet either for or against them, and that it can only be done after the case is tried, and the evidence heard on both sides, but Mr. Lamburn would have you beleive that they are guilty of the charge contained in the inditement before they are tried, the people have that to prove yet, upon evidence, but they will fail, and fail most signally, to produce before you, such evidence, as to render a verdict of guilty, but if we may judge of the guilt or innocence of these defendants, by clamorous reports, or by their conduct and deportment in general we have the most decided evidence of their innocence, we have seen no manifestations on their part to evade a trial and escape from Justice but as soon as the inditement was found against them they presented themselves to the bar of the Court for trial, that they might be acquitted from the charge according to law, they have also insisted upon having a trial, the last term of the Court, and they are now come again voluntarily to  be tried, and patiently wait the decision of the Law,

All this time, this charge has hung over their heads, their names have gone to the world carrying with them the alledged infamy, and crime, they have expected, as they still expect to gear all this clamorous noise, go forth but the complaintives, will be most signally refuted, and the public opinion corrected, by the testimony, that shall be addressed and by the Law,

The gentleman has intimated that he was sent here by the Governor, of the State, to plead in behalf of the people and that he intends to discharge his duty without fear, in so doing, he will favour these defendants, and every effort, shall be made by the defence, to protect and justify him, in the honest discharge of the same, we are here where we have been all the time, and where we have sought to shelter ourselves, from first, to last, from all the charges, they have preferred against us. When the testimony is heard, we expect them to discuss the testimony and the law, and it will be for you to render your verdict according to that testimony and that Law.