Mr. Jonas Hobbart Sworn:

Mr. Hobbart do you live in this town.

I do.

Did you live in town on the day that Smith was killed.

I did.

Will you state to the Jury, what you know, about that transaction, What day of the month, did it occur

It occurred on the 27th of June 1844,

Was  you there at the time, the transaction took place;

I did not see the men killed.

Was you there the time they were killed.

No, but I saw him after he was killed.

In what situation did you see him

At the time the men was killed I was not at the Jail, among the crowd of people; I heard the Guns fired,

Where was you when you heard the Guns fired.

I was at home about one hundred yards from the Jail.

Did you see Smith fall out of the Window.

I was not in a position to see.

In what position was you.

I was at the South side of the Jail and he fell from the East side.

Did you examine his wounds.

I did he was shot in the right breast, and on the left shoulder.

Where did the ball enter his heart.

Below the right pass.

Was he entirely dead when you came to him.

Yes when I went to take hold of him.

You say he was shot through the right breast.


Where did the ball go out.

I could not tell.

Was it a large ball.

I could not tell, whether it was, a large ball or not.

Did you see anybody there besides yourself

I saw a great crowd of people there.

Did you see any that you knew.

I did not.

Did you see any of these defendants there.


How many people were there.

I suppose about one hundred and fifty.

Did you see any in disguise there.

I did not.

Are you acquainted with any of these men on trial.

I am.

Did you see any of them at the Jail.

I did not.

When did the crowds leave the Jail.

A short time afterwards.

Did you hear any talking, about the matter, in the immediate vicinity where you was.

I heard nothing only some one told them to stand back.

Was anybody killed but Joseph Smith.

I could not tell there was so much noise.

Were you acquainted with Joseph Smith before that occurrence.

I knew him by sight.

You knew there was some person killed.


How long was it from the time you went there till, the crowd retired.

As near as I could judge, about two minutes.

Did you hear any of them, say, anything about killing him, as they retired.


Did you see any of them examine him after he was dead.

I did not.

How long was he dead before you saw him, was the blood still fresh and warm.

O. Yes.

Did the mob retreat pretty fast in going away.

As fast as they could walk.

Did you not see any of them run.

I don’t think they ran.

Did the most of them seem to be armed.


What sort of weapons had they.


Had they any rifels.

Yes. Rifels of a peculiar kind with [illegible]

Had they any knives.

I think I saw a knife in the hands of one man.

Did anybody seem to be giving and command to the mob.

I did not hear any orders given.

Was there much noise upon the ground.

Yes there was much noise.

How many guns fired together.

About thirty, as fas as I could judge,

He retired.