Mr. Camfield Hamilton Sworn:

Mr. Hamilton. do you live in Warsaw.

I do.

Did you keep a tavern in Warsaw at the time this affair took place.

I did.

Was you at home that night.

I was.

Did a good many people, that night, call at you tavern for Supper.

There was a good many there for Supper.

How late at night,

About dark.

Did some come late at night say about Eleven of Twelve O’clock that night.

Not that night.

Do you recollect of a large number getting a supper at Fleming ‘s Tavern that night.

It might have been and I not know it.

Did you see Sharp, in Warsaw that night.

I beleive I did.

What time.

About Seven, or Eight, O’clock.

Did you see any of these other men in Warsaw that night.

I beleive I saw them all in Warsaw that night.

What time did you see them.

I saw Grover, and Davis, about Eight o’clock

Did you see Oldridge there that evening.

I think he was.

Did you see Williams there;

I don’t know that I did.

Were they saying anything, about Smith being killed in Carthage,

the news was all over the town about Joseph and Hyrum, being killed,

Was every body talking about it that lived in town.

It was generally talked of.

You say you saw Oldridge about Seven, or Eight O’clock. I think it was about Nine.

 And it was known all over town, that the Smiths, were killed.

I cannot say.

Did you hear Sharp, and Grover, say anything about it.


Did you come to Carthage yourself that say.

I did.

Did you see them on the road.

I did not.

How did you travel down to Carthage.

In a Carriage.

Was any one with you.

Yes, there was two or three men with me;

Was Oldridge in town here, when you came in.

I beleive not.

Did you see Williams, in town here. I did not.

Did you ever hear Williams say, he knew all about it.

Not that I know of

He retired.

Court adjourned until one o.clock p.m.