Mrs. Fleming Sworn:

Mrs. Fleming will you state if you please wether you recollect the day on which the Smiths where killed in Carthage?


Where were you residing at that time?

In Warsaw.

Was your husband keeping tavern in Warsaw at that time?


You where at home all that evening and night?


Where were you when you first received the news of the death of the Smiths?

I was in my room.

Did you see Sharp and Gregg ride up to your door about dark that evening!

Not that I remember.

Had you any conversation that evening about the murder of the Smiths?


Had you any conversation that evening of any kind with Mr. Sharp?

None at all.

Have you any recollection of him and Gregg coming into the Hall and calling on you for a drink of water?

They did not do so.

Do you remember the scercumstanse of a number of men coming there after night and taking supper?

I remember it.

Where you at that time well aquainted with Grover?


Did you see him among the number who came there and eat supper that night?

I did not see him.

Did Grover bring A wounded man to the kitchen that night and ask your permition to let him sit by the fire?


Was there a wounded man sitting by the fire that night?

Yes sir.

Do you know who he was?


You are shure Grover did not bring him there and ask and ask your permission to let him sit by the fire that night?


Cross Examined by Lamborn.:

Did you see the wounded man when he first came there?


Do you know who went into the kitchen with him?

I might have known then but I don’t recollect now who it was.

Might it not have been Grover and you have forgotten it?

It was not grover.

Might not Davis and Grover have been there that night and you have forgotten?

They might.

How many took supper there that night?

More than 40 or 50.

Did you hear them say anything about what they had been doing?


Did they not talk about their being at Carthage?


Did they say thing about the Mormons or the Smiths or any thing else?

No. they did not say any thing in my hearing.

Did you see Sharp any time that after noon?

Not that I recollect.

It has been near A year ago might it not have been what you have forgoten.

I think not.

Who told you about the Death of the Smiths?

I beleive it was one of my own Brothers.

What time that evening was you told of the Death of the Smiths?

About sun down I am not shure who told me but I am shure it was not Sharp that told me.

Did you see Gregg that evening!

I don’t recollect.

Was there A good meny passing about that evening!

There was A good meny there late in the evening.

Was there not A great meny about there before dark?


What time of night did they come for supper?

According to the best of my recollection it was about nine o’clock.

What time was it before they got through?

It was as much as 2 o’clock in the morning.

You did not hear Sharp say anything about the murder that evening you are scertain?

I did not.

Cross examined by Browning.:

Do you recollect any thing about an alarm that night?

There was not any perticular alarm there was a little.


Was it that night the Smiths where killed the alarm was?


What time was that alarm?

Near day light.

When did you go to Quincy?

On thursday night.

What time of night did you go?

I do not remember.

Did you know any body at all that was there that night?

I don’t recollect meny of them.

Do you recollect of seeing key there?


Do you remember who the wounded man was?


Had he a blanket upon him.


Who put that upon him?

If I knew then I don’t recollect now.

Was it cold that night?


Was he there all that evening when they comenced supper and till they got through?

I don’t recollect.

Who was in the house besids you?

Eliza Grame and my motherinlaw and another lady.

Was there not A woman there by the name of Gerrat? Yes.

Is Key living in Warsaw?


Dose Gregg live there.


Who called for supper that night?


Who did he ask for supper!


Retired.  This closes the evedences of the witteness on both sides.

Court adjourned till two o’closk P.M.