Thomas L. Inglish

I reside in Quincy.- I am acquainted with William M Daniels & have been since last July became acquainted with him in Quincy.- I have had two or three conversations with him about his being a Witness vs. Defts.- The first time I saw him at Quincy he said he came from [illegible] he told me he knew nothing at all about the killing of the Smiths said he wished all the Mormons in Ill were driven out that he was sorry they ever came. – he afterwards went to Nauvoo and after he came back he told me he had [illegible] he had made a great speculation by [illegible, looks like ‘riting’] a book about the proceedings in Carthage why says I you told me you know nothing [illegible] about it Will says he as long as I can make a speculation I will and do you say nothing about it he told me he had got one hundred dollars [illegible] which suited him as [illegible] as money.- why says I you are not Intelligent enough to write a book  ok says he I will tell you being a [illegible, looks like ‘brother’] [illegible] I will tell you I have [crossed out a]friends to help me he said it suited him [illegible, crossed out] well to enter [crossed out, into] such a [illegible].
he told me some time afterwards when we went a hunting that he was to get 500$ to sware against some person for killing the Smiths he mentioned no names.- he said he was not sure he would take it but he [illegible, looks like ‘likened’] he would take the money put it in his pocket and go off to the East and have them all he did not care about either party I mad the remark to him [illegible, crossed out] [illegible, looks like ‘that’] he was [illegible] into a [illegible] if he did not know anything about it to take money to swear he said that if [illegible] not know he could

Cross Examination

It was after the later part of August of 1st of September that he [illegible, crossed out] got $100 [crossed out that] for writing a book.