Eli H. Wilson Sworn:

Mr. Wilson do you live in town.

I do.

Was you in town on the day that Smith was killed.

I was.

Was you up at the Jail.

I was.

What time was you at the Jail.

Afew minutes after Smith was killed.

Had the crowd left.


Did any of the companies know what was to transacted at Carthage Jail.

No body knew.

Did you see any of these men, on that day.

I did.

Who did you see.

I saw Williams, Oldridge, and Sharp,

Did you see Grover, or Davis,

I did not.

What time did you see them.

I saw Williams, and Oldridge, three or four minutes before the firing.

Did you see Sharp, about that time.

I am not sure, whiter it was at time, or before it, I don’t recollect.

Where did you see Oldridge

I saw him at the street corner of the public square.

Where did you see Williams.

In the direction of the Jail.

When the company started for the Jail, Where was Williams,

I don’t know.

Was he not in Davis’s.

I did not see him there.

What did Williams, and Oldridge say, when the firing commenced.

I did not hear them say anything.

Was there anything said about it when the firing commenced.

There was something said about it in the Camp.

Was any of these men in the Camp,

I think not, but I saw Mr. Oldridge, pass along the square going east, just before that time.

Did you hear him say anything about the firing.

I did not.

How near did the Greys, come to the Jail.

They came up to the Jail.

Was Williams, along with you, or in advance of you.

I did not see him.

Was it understood that Smith was to be killed that evening.

There was no such understanding

Did not Williams, and Oldridge say something about it.


Did not the Carthage Greys halt, a short time, before they went up to the Jail,

I don’t recollect, some were scared.

How long was you from the time the first Gun, was fired till you got to the Jail,

A short time.

Was it Ten minutes.


Was it five minutes,


Were you all ready to go.

We got ready pretty quick.

How far away were the men that killed Smith when you got there were they out of sight.


How many yards were they off,

about three hundred Yards, and perhaps , a little more.

How far from this corner of the Jail, where you stood,

About four or five hundred Yards.

Do you think it is three hundred Yards from the public square to the Jail.

I think it is.

You say you saw Williams, and Oldridge there before the firing commenced,

I saw Oldridge pass along the North West corner, of the Square,

Did you hear an alarm Gun,

I don’t recollect any only the firing I heard,

When the Company was called out who called out the Company.

I did I am the Sergeant of the Company.

Did you see any body on the Court House giving signals.

I beleive I saw some person on the Court house.

Did you see that person on the court house, when the firing commenced,

I don’t recollect,

Who did you see, on the court house.

I could not say.

How many did you see on the court house.

I could not say,

Was there more than one on the Court house.

I think there was,

Where was the person on the Court house.        Was he upon the cuple,

He was.

How long was it from the time you heard the first Gun, to the time you left the square was it as long as would take a person to get on top of the courthouse.

I don’t know.

You recollect you saw a person upon the Court house, before you heard the Guns fire at all.

I do not.

What was Williams doing, when you saw him about the town,

I saw him stand in the Square, before William Morrison’s door.

Was he talking to anybody.

There was some person standing there.

Had he said anything to you.


Did you command the Carthage Greys, when they went out.


Who did.

Captain Smith.

Did you see Smith after he was killed.

I saw them, carry him into the house.

Did you see him fall, from the Window,

I did.

Where was you when he fell.

Near the corner of the lane.

How far from the Jail.

Not very near, for we could see, from the Square to the Jail.

Which way, did Williams, go to the Jail.

I did not see him, start at all.

When you got to the Jail, the Mob, was three hundred Yards , off you say.

I think so.

Did you make any pursuit after them at all.


How long, did the Mob stay after they killed Smith.

I could not say how ling.

You can say something near, how long did they stay two, or three, minutes after Smith fell.

I think not.

Was there firing, after Smith fell.

There was.

Did you see Williams that evening after the occerence.

I don’t recollect.

Did you hear him say anything about it since.


Have you heard, any of these other, men say, anything about it since.

I don’t recollect.

How long had Colonel Williams been in town that evening, before you saw him.

I don’t know.

Do you recollect of seeing him any time before that.

I don’t recollect.

Do you know anything more about this matter than what you have stated either directly or indirectly.


Did you see anybody at the Jail that you knew.


Did you see anybody on horseback.


Did you got out on the way that these Murderers went,


Where did the company go to did they go to their encampment.


Was you in Warsaw that night.