Thomas Dickson sworn:

Was you in town on the day the Smiths was killed?


Was you in all day?


What time did you come to town?

Between 10 and 11 o clock A.M.

Do you recolect of seeing any of these men hear on that day?

there is but few of them I am aquainted with except Grover.

What ones did you see that day?

I saw Williams and Sharp.

What time of the day.

I don’t recolect, - In the forenoon about 11 o clock I saw Sharp on the west side of the Street on the squair.

Did you hear him say any thing about the arrangements they where [sic, were] going into?

I did not.

Was you up at the Jail at the time that Smith was killed?

I was.

How close was you at the jail when he was killed?

Between ten and 20 feet on the South east corner of the jail.

Where was you when you first heard the fire?

At the jail.

Was you there before?


What attracted your attention before the firing?

As I was going home I saw some men coming away out west towards this place

Which way do you live?

I live north.

When you got out of town you saw some men coming and you turned back?


How near where you to them

About a mile and a half perhaps more I saw the glistening of A gun.

That turned you back?


How came you to go to the jail?

When I got back I saw some men close up to the jail I left my horse at the tavern and ran up to the jail.

Did no body tell you what was going to happen?

I met some men and they said the Mormons where coming to rescue the prisoners.

You got there before they did?


What did you see take place any firing?

There was A considerable scuffle.

Was there any shooting in in the scuffle?


How many of the guards fired?

I cannot say.

Was there any of the enemy killed?

I did not see any killed or wounded.

What sort of A scuffle is it you speak of?

I saw them scuffling down on the ground and they lay there.

How long did the scuffle continue?

Some considerable time.

Was there any body hurt on either side?

I cannot tell; I see one man shot in the arm.

Was not that one of thermen that went in and Jo Smith shot him the door it was after it was all over you saw the mans arm bloody?


Who was the man?

I don’t know

At the time of that scuffling did you see any hurt then?

I cannot tell.

Did you see the mob enter the house?

I saw some persons go in.

Had they guns?


How meny went in?

I cannot tell.

Did you know any that went in?

I think not.

Was there half a dozen went in?

Perhaps there might be half a dozen.

How long have you been in this county?

10 or 11 years.

Then you will know every body about?

I know A great meny

Did you see the Carthage Grays approaching?


How long was you there before the Grays approached?

I was there some time they did not approach till after all was over.

Was you there 5 minites before the Grays made there approach?

I was there 5 or 10 minites.

Did not the Grays halt before they came to the jail?

The had made an halt when I discovered them.

How far was the mob gone then?

About 100 yards.

When you first saw them how far was you from the town?

About a mile and A half.

You came back hitched you horse at Miltons Tavern and got there before they did?


How long was you there before them, was it 15 minites?

I don’t know if it was that much for I came pretty quick back.

You got there before the killing took place, and the Grays did not get there till after it was all over, and the men all gone?


Did you say any thing about it to any body?


Did you see Williams that day?

I did?

Where did you see him?

I saw him north west of the Court house?

Who with?

Not any person.

Was he along with the Grays?

He was A little North of the Grays.

You saw Williams in the squar North of the Grays, and then went imeadiatly to the jail and you got there before the killing took place, and stood there till it was all over?


How long did it last?

I cannot tell you.

Did you see any of these other men there?

I think not.

Did you speak to Williams when you saw him?

I shook hands with him.

Did you mention to him what you had seen in the perairy [sic, prairie]?


Did you not see any person at the Jail that you knew?

There was not till after the Death of the Smiths.

Was there any on the Ground you reconized them?

Not any except the guard.

Do you recolect seeing any with their faces blackened?


How meny do you think there was at the Jail all together?

I think there was 20 or 30.

Was there not more than 50?

No there was not.

Did you see any standing out on the perairy [sic, prairie]?

Yes I saw some out on the perairy [sic, prairie] at some distance from the jail.

Which way went they, when they left the Jail?

They went right west from the jail.

They did not go through that lane you came through when you returned to town?


And they left imeadietly after the deed was done?


Don’t you recolect if the Carthage Grays halted beside the fence till the killing was over?

I saw them marching up.

How long did they stay there till they returned?

I returned before they did.

Did they come back to town?



Cross examined for the defence by Lawier Browning:

Did you see Smith fall out the Window?


Had he been shot before he fell out of the window?

He was shot or hurt some little for when he first came into the window there was blood on his pantaloons.

Did you see him set up against the well curb?

I saw him raise up himself against the Well curb and die imeadiatly.

Did you see 4 men shoot him?


Did you see any thing about A marvelous light?


Did you see 4 men parallized?


Did you occupy A position from which you could see him plainly?

He was about 10 steps from me I stood on the South east corner of the Jail.

How long did he hang before he fell?

He hung but A short time.

What was his position in the window?

His head was out, right arm, and one leg.

You say Cap. Smith did not march his company to the jail till after all was over?


If he had been there you would have seen them would you not?

I think so.

If there had been any miraculous light that moment by Smiths body don’t you think you would have seen it?

I think I would for I watched him take till the last breath was out of him.

If there had been 4 men parralized you think you would have seen it?

I think I would

And you are very confident no such thing occured?

I am pretty confident.


Mr. Lamburn:

Did you not know that day before the killing took place of A conspiracy to kill the Smiths?


When you saw these men in the perairy [sic, prairie] did you not know they where [sic, were] coming to kill the Smiths?


Had you no idea nor knowledge of their object?

I had heard it talked about that A mob was going to rescue them.

When you saw these men did you think they where the Mormons coming?

I did not think but I suposed they where the Mormons.

Was you not afraid to stay at the Jail when they came up?


Had you any weapons yourself?


On what part of his body did Smith fall?

He fell on his left side.

Do you think you saw every body and every movement that occurred there?


Was there not A good meny people went with you from the squar.

I did not see any rush from town till after all was over.

Did they all understand it perfectly well?

I don’t know but they did.


Court adjourned till 2 o clock p.m.