Abraham Chatenden sworn:

Do you remember the day in which the Smiths where killed in Carthage?

I recollect the day it was said they where [sic, were] killed.

I will tell you to inform the jury what time of that day you saw Mr. Grover?

I saw him on the morning the Smiths where [sic, were] killed.


I saw him at my house near Warsaw.

Did he breakfast at your house that morning?

He Breakfasted in my sons room.

He did not eat breakfast at the tavern unless he eat two breakfastes [sic, breakfasts]?

I was not at the tavern.

Did you see James Gregg the night the Smiths were killed?

I saw him go on past my house and spoke to him.

In what way was he riding?

On horse back.

Did he ride by your house?

Yes.  I think it was A light Gray stud.

He was just from Carthage?

I believe so.

Was there any person in company with him?

If there was I do not recollect now.

You are scertain he was not riding A two horse bugie [sic, buggy] in company with Mr. Sharp?

I know he was not.

How far was it to your house to where Fleming then kept tavern?

It is supposed to be half a mile from my house to the river and near half a mile to Fleming’s tavern.


Cross examined by Mr. Lamborn.

Was Mr. Grover ever at your house since that morning the troops were in camp?

I think not.

Did you ever hear Mr. Grover say any thing about it since?


Was he absent that day?

He was not at home.

What did James Gregg say when you spoke to him?

He told me the Smiths where dead and the Governor has not nipt us yet for we have killed the Smiths.

Where is Gregg now?

I think he is in Warsaw.

How long was it before night when this conversation took place?

I should think it was about half an hour before night.

Did you see Gregg any more that evening?

I don’t think I did.

Was you down in town that night?

I was.

What time did you see Sharp that night?

After candle lighting.

Where did you see him?

I saw him near the post Masters.

Did he say any thing about the Smiths being killed?


Did you see Alridge that night?

I don’t think I did?

Did you see the Williams in town that night?


Did you see Grover?

I don’t think I did.

Did you see A lot of men come into town the night the Smiths was killed?

I did not.

Did you hear any thing of them?