Mr. Baldwin Sworn:

Mr. Baldwin, was you in town the day that Smith was killed.

I was.

Was you at the Jail,


Was you there afterwards,

I was.

Where was you when they were killed

I was between the Court house, and the Jail,

Did you see any of these five men in town that evening.

I saw Williams and Sharp, and it appears to me, I saw Oldridge and Sharp together

Did you see Davis and Grover.

I think not,

What time did you see Sharp and Williams.

Sometime in the afternoon, I cannot tell exactly what time.

Did you see them before, or after the killing.

I saw them before,

How long before the killing took place.

some two or, three hours, I am not sure how long.

What was Williams doing before the killing took place,

I cannot say.

Did you see Williams making any arrangements with the Carthage Greys,

I did not. I was not very well, and did not stir about much till after the disturbance.

What time did you see Sharp, with Williams, was he here at the same time you saw Oldridge,

I am not positive, I think he was,

Was Oldridge, Williams, and Sharp all here, before the Mob, came up.

I think they were.

You are sure of Sharp and Williams, and they, are all you are sure of.


When the Mob came to the Jail immediately after Colonel Williams, went down with the Greys. Did you go down too.

I did.

Did you hear, an alarm Gun fire.

I did not.

Did you hear any Gun fire at the Jail or at the edge of the timber.

I did not.

Was you in town.

I was in, and out, several times.

Were the Smiths killed, when the Greys arrived at the Jail.

Before the Greys got there the men were dead.

Was Colonel Williams with the Greys,

He was,

He went with them to shoot the Mob, I suppose.

I cannot say.

Did the Greys go very fast to the Jail.


I suppose they were prepared to fight, very bravely,


How far were the Greys from the Jail.

About one Hundred and fifty yards.

Did they follow in after the Mob.

Yes and found Smith killed.

Were the Greys left here to gaurd the Jail.

They were.

How many were appointed to gaurd the Jail at a time.

Seven men.

Was Williams and Sharp in town, with the Greys,

I saw Williams, and Sharp in the Street.

Did Sharp go over with the Greys, to the Jail,

I don’t know.

I suppose the Greys started for the Jail pretty quick, after the firing commenced.

They did.

Did it surprise them much, when they saw, that Smith was killed.

I don’t know.

Was Williams on horseback.

I did not see him on horseback.

Was he in a Buggy or any sort of a vehicle.

I beleive not.

He retired.