Lawyer Backman Sworn:

Mr. Backman. Did you see any of these men in town, the day that Smith was killed.

I did.  I saw Colonel Williams and Oldridge.

What time did you see them first.

I saw them before the firing.

How long before.

I saw Oldridge a few minutes before, some fifteen, or Twenty, he came down to get his dinner.

How long was it before the firing that you saw Mr. Williams.

I saw Williams going in the line of march up to the Jail.

Did you see Williams after they returned from the Jail.

No. I was called on as a Juryman, immediately after,

Did you see Williams immediately after with Wilson speaking about the killing.

No Sir.

Did you see Sharp there that evening after the killing.


Did you see Grover there that evening after the killing.


Did you see Davis here that evening.


Do you belong to the Carthage Grays.

No I belong to the Riflemen

Who was commander.

Wesley Williams had command.

How many companies were left as a gaurd to gaurd the Jail.

Two companies were left here.

Did you hear Oldridge, or Williams, say any thing about the matter, that evening.


Did they stay in town that evening.

Few persons stayed in town that evening, for the Governor told us, all to leave here, the same night

Was you in Warsaw that night.


Where was you.

I cannot tell you exactly.