Charles Andrews sworn:

Are you aquainted with Daniels?


How long have you known him?

For the last two years.

Did you ever have any conversation with him about his being a witteness in the case against the men supposed to be the murderes (sic) of the Smiths?

He has said some things to me about it.

State to the jury what he said.

He came to my house on the 5th or 6th of July and told me he was just from Nauvoo I then asked him what had been going on he said he had seen Joseph and Hiram Smith both of them killed.  He also told me he had got some money from Emit to bear his expenses he then took out A handful from his pocket.  I beleive there was nothing more said at that time.  Some time afterwards he told me he was offered 500 dollars to go away           He asked me what I thought of it, I answered him that if I was him I would Devilish quick go, I asked him who offered it to him        the answer was it was offered to me by Mr. Bedell of Warsaw, he offered him 500 Dollars to go away but if he should stay he could 1000 dollars from the state, well says I suppose they kill you you (sic) which I am afraid they will some one; said he if they do my wife will get the money and that is just as well.

Did you have any other conversation with him

not that I can remember.

Is Mr. Daniels family conected with yours?

My wife and his wife are sisters.

Do you know Eliza Grame?

I do not know her but her countenance is very famialiar (sic) to me I think I have Daniels speak of her.


Cross examined by Mr. Lamborn.

What did Daniels come down from Nauvoo to Quincy for?

He came down to see his Mother in law as she was with him at that time.

Was the Governor there at that time?

Not that I know of.

Did you not know that he came down there to see the Governor to give the information on this matter?

I do not remember

Don’t you recollect that [F]ord was there then?

I don’t think he was there.

Did you never hear Daniels speak of having intercourse with the Governor?

I don’t recollect I remember him saying that he was A perticular freind of the Governor’s.

Did he say that Ernie Smith gave him any money?


How much did he say she gave him?

10 dollars he said he had had many offers he said that Bedell offered him 500.

And the state 1000?


Did you not look upon it in the light of being mere roamanse (sic, romance)?

I supposed it was.

You thought it was not A fact of his being offered this amount?

I did not place much confidence in it.

You told him you was afraid he would be killed by some one?

I told him so.

Why did you think so.

Because if he came out against those murders they would kill him.

You thought if they had killed the other men they would kill him too?