Al Capone Trial (1931)
  Excerpts from the Trial Transcript: Parker Henderson

[On February 14th, 1929, County Solicitor Taylor called Capone in questioning. Ruth Gaskin, stenographer during Capone's contempt trial, identified her transcript of the conversation.  Dwight Green reads Solicitor Taylor's questions and Capone's answers:]
Taylor: Do you remember what time it was you first met Parker Henderson?
Capone: About two years ago.  
Taylor: That was when he was running the Ponce de Leon Hotel?
Capone: Yes.  
Taylor:Under what name did you register?
Capone: My own name.  
Taylor: You didn't use the name of A. Costa?
Capone: No.
Taylor: You were getting money sent to you under the name of A Costa; didn't you ever send Parker Henderson to the Western Union office to get it for you?
Capone: No.  
Taylor: Then Henderson never got any money for you?
Capone: Well, he did when I bought my home.  
Taylor: You left money with Henderson, $1000 to $5000 at a time, didn't you?
Capone: I don't remember.  
Taylor: You didn't receive any money by Western Union from Chicago?
Capone:- I don't remember. I'll try and find out.  
Taylor: Then you keep a record of your money transactions?
Capone: Absolutely.  
Taylor: How much money did you give Henderson to buy your home?
Capone: Fifty thousand dollars.  
Taylor: Was that in cash?
Capone: Yes.  
Taylor: What is your business?
Capone: I’m a gambler.  I play the race-horses.  
Taylor: Besides gambling, you’re a bootlegger, aren’t you?
Capone: No, I never was a bootlegger.  
Taylor: And you don’t know of anybody who sent you money under the name of A. Costa?
Capone: No.  
Taylor: But you did receive it from Chicago?
Capone: That is correct, all of it comes from Chicago form my gambling business.
Direct examination of Parker Henderson by Dwight Green:
Green: Did you have any business transactions with the defendant at any time?

Henderson: Yes, it was along about the middle of January, 1928, that I handled some money transfers for him.

Green: How did that come about?

Henderson: Why, Mr. Capone called me to his room one after noon and told me that he had some money at the Western Union under the name of Costa, and asked me to take Sorrello to the Western Union and get this money for him.

[Green shows Henderson a $1500 Western Union money transfer payable to Albert Costa at Miami, dated January 14th, 1928.]
Green: State if you know who signed the name Albert Costa on the back of that check?

Henderson: I signed the name Albert Costa on the back of that check, but I tried to disguise my handwriting.
[Green asks Henderson his role in the purchase of Capone's Palm Island estate.]
Henderson: Some real estate agents called me at the Ponce de Leon Hotel and wanted me to get in touch with Mr. Capone in regard to selling him some property. This was in March or April, 1928. I was closely connected with Mr. Newton Lummis, then mayor of Miami Beach, and I told him that these real estate men were figuring on selling Mr. Capone some property and asked him what he thought about it. Lummis said that if anybody sold Capone any property he and I should try. So I asked AI if he was interested in buying any property and he said he was, in buying a winter home. So we made an appointment with him and carried him out and showed him several places. This place on Palm Island he seemed to like very much. Later he told me he had decided to take it. He gave  me all money to put up the binder.
[Henderson admits transferring the property to Capones wife. Green shows Henderson a warranty deed for the property, which he identifies, and it is admitted in evidence.]