Al Capone Trial (1931):
 Selected Documents
by Douglas O. Linder

Mugshot of Alphonse Capone following his 1930 arrest on charges of tax evasion

Letter from George E.Q. Johnson concerning possible perjury &
Affidavit of Dr. Kenneth Phillips (March 1929)

Contempt of Court Opinion (February 1931)

Transcript of Capone's Interview with Revenue Agents (April 17, 1931)

Letter from Frank Wilson to Chief of Treasury Department's Intelligence Unit updating the Capone investigation
(March 27, 1931)(pdf)

Jury Verdict finding Capone guilty of five counts of tax evasion (image of verdict form)(Oct. 17, 1931)

 Appellate Decision affirming conviction in tax evasion case (7th Circuit Court of Appeals, March 23, 1932)

Denial of Certorari (United States Supreme Court, May 2, 1932)

Guy T. Helvering, Narrative for Treasury Department Describing Operations from 1919 to 1936 (pdf)