Lenny Bruce: A Selected Bibliography

Books & Periodicals

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The Lenny Bruce Performance Film

Lenny Bruce: Swear to Tell the Truth (Weide, Robert, producer; aired on HBO)(1998)

Lenny (Worth, Marvin, producer; United Artists)(1974)

Lenny Bruce: Without Tears (Abrams, Daniel, producer; Atlantic, 1971)

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To Is a Preposition; Come is a Verb (Knitting Factory, 2000)(CD)
The Trials of Lenny Bruce (one-hour CD accompanying the Collins & Skover book, narrated by Nat Hentoff)(2002)

Cases & Transcript Excerpts
People v Bruce, 202 N. E. 2d 497 (Ill. 1964)(decision of Illinois Supreme Court reversing Bruce's conviction in the Gate of Horn obscenity trial).
People v Solomon, 255 N. E. 2d 720 (N. Y. 1970)(decision of New York's highest court affirming the reversal of Bruce's co-defendant in the Cafe Au Go Go obscenity trial).
American Jury Trials, Volume 10, pp. 232-249 (1965)(testimony of Dorothy Kilgallen in the Cafe Au Go Go obscenity trial).

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