Chicago "Black Sox" Scandal: Links & Bibliography
Special thanks to Gene Carney for his help in compiling the sources listed on this page.
Gene Carney, who died in 2009, was a leading scholar of the Black Sox scandal. 
His notes on the controversy (look at past issues via the Archive link, beginning with #268) can be found at the Baseball Archive: Notes from the Shadows of Cooperstown:


Pictures and Court Documents Related to the 1921 Black Sox Trial

From the Chicago History Museum (numerous images and files relating to the scandal)

Chicago Baseball Museum

Chicago Lawyer: "It Ain't So, Kid, It Just Ain't So"

Where Are They Now?

From Montgomery College (Harvard on the Pike)

Shoeless Joe Jackson

Clear Buck Weaver

General Baseball History Eddie Cicotte's 1919 contract sold for $6,750 in August 2002; a year earlier, Jackson's "Black Betsy" bat fetched $577,610. "Cicotte's 29 Wins in 1919" by David Marasco. Devoted to Buck Weaver, "The Ginger Kid." Baseball biographies, including Tom Swope's. Also, see Harvey Frommer's "Shoeless Joe Remains a Scapegoat."  A treasure trove of facts and opinions. The site also has numerous links, including The Shoeless Joe Jackson Times. This site is one place you can look up Joe's testimony. Joe Jackson is in The Shrine of the Eternals. for link to Baseball: The Biographical Encyclopedia, by David Pietrusza, Matt Silverman, Michael Gershman (Total/Sports Illustrated.) Sean Lahman's The Baseball Archive is the home of "Notes from the Shadows of Cooperstown." This is a site of Montgomery College, Maryland. Be sure to have your audio on. For 1922 ruling on baseball's antitrust exemption. Thousands of photos from the archives of the Chicago Daily News. Information on the ESPN Classic documentary, and an article by Eliot Asinof. See Trey Strecker's review of Daniel A. Nathan's Saying It's So. An Arnold Rothstein chronology, including his role in the Big Fix. "Hugh Fullerton and the Press' Revealing Coverage of the Black Sox Scandal, 1919-1921," by Shaun Payne.



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