Eddie Cicotte

Chick Gandil

Oscar Felsch

Joe Jackson
Position: Pitcher
Age: 35
Salary: Under $6,000
Gandil's Comment: "Only Walter Johnson was better.  He knew all the tricks, dusted batters, threw a black ball, shine and emery balls.  Friendly on the field, he was no mingler off."
Position: First Base
Age: 31
Salary: $4,000
Gandil's Comment: "By the time of the 1919 Series, you could say I had  been around. Although past my peak, I still hit .290 and had the best first-base fielding record in the league."
Position: Center Field
Age: 28
Salary: $4,000
Gandil's Comment: "A tall and husky player and always in good spirits, he was called "Happy" by the players.  With the great Tris Speaker, he was the best defensive outfielder of his day."
Position: Left Field
Age: 30
Salary: $6,000
Gandil's Comment: "A natural and one of baseball's greatest hitters; fame never spoiled him.  He had no education, but a surprisingly good head, all despite reports to the contrary."

Fred McMullin

Swede Risberg

Buck Weaver

Claude Williams
Position: Utility Infielder
Age: 27
Salary: Under $3,000
Gandil's Comment: "Handsome and popular, Fred was only a utility infielder, but he had an excellent baseball head.  He scouted the Reds before the Series on orders from Gleason."
Position: Shortstop
Age: 25
Salary: Under $3,000
Gandil's Comment: "As rangy as Marty Marion, Risberg had a wonderful arm at short.  Like Weaver, he was a hothead and usually figured in some sort of rhubarb around second base."
Position: Third Base
Age: 29
Salary: $6,000
Gandil's Comment: "At third he was an aggressive, snappy type.  A good hitter, he always knew the latest jokes, was a master bench jockey and a scrapper, as Billy Martin is today."
Position: Pitcher
Age: 26
Salary: Under $3,000
Gandil's Comment: "Basically better than Cicotte, he won games the conventional way, good curve and fast ball, excellent control.  He was quiet, intelligent and seldom joked."
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