1919 to 1921: Other Events of the Black Sox Years
The Prohibition Amendment is ratified.
Congress establishes the Grand Canyon National Park.
Dial telephones are introduced.
Baseball league presidents call for abolition of the spit ball.
Theodore Roosevelt dies.
Influenza epidemic forces cancellation of  Stanley Cup.
Einstein's Theory of Relativity confirmed.
World War I Peace Congress opens in Versailles.
First pop up toaster is patented.
Race riots break out in 26 U. S. cities.
First Transatlantic flight from America to Europe.
Gandhi begins his nonviolent campaign against British rule.
Fox Trot and Tango are popular dances.
Chicago White Sox throw World Series.
Attorney General orders raids on suspected Reds.
Warren Harding is elected president.
National Negro Baseball League is formed.
The 19th Amendment, giving the vote to women, is ratified.
Ireland is divided into two parts.
Walt Disney begins work as an artist in Kansas City.
First artificial rabbit is used at a greyhound racetrack.
Sacco and Vanzetti are arrested.
Bomb explodes on Wall Street, killing 20 people.
First radio broadcasts are heard.
Sinclair Lewis publishes Main Street.
First organized professional football league is formed.
Bill Tilden becomes the first American to win at Wimbleton.
The flapper age begins.
Speakeasies open around the country.
First contraceptives, pogo sticks, and Brillo are introduced.
Eight Chicago White Sox are indicted for fixing the Series.
Arkansas River flood kills 1,500.
KKK rallies multiply throughout the South.
First Miss America is crowned.
Charlie Chaplin stars in the movie The Kid.
"I'm Just Wild About Harry" is hit song.
Mountain Landis appointed Commissioner of baseball.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt is stricken with polio.
First Eskimo Pies, table tennis, band-aids, helium balloons.
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier dedicated.
First radio broadcast of a baseball game.
Famine sweeps Russia.
Fascists gain first seats in Italian parliament.
Eight Sox players are acquitted, but then banned for life.

Chicago Black Sox Trial