The Fatty Arbuckle Trials (1921-22):
 Selected Links & Bibliography
by Douglas O. Linder

Roscoe ("Fatty") Arbuckle: 1921 Mugshots
Born: 3/24/1877
Birthplace: Smith Center, Kansas


Fatty Arbuckle-Virginai Rappe Trial: Q & A with Researcher Joan Myers (Alt Film Guide, Apr. 14, 2007)

Taylorology (Contemporary Accounts of Arbuckle's Career and Trial)

Roscoe Arbuckle (Wikipedia)

Filmography of Arbuckle (Internet Movie Database)

The Trial of Fatty Arbuckle (Ralph)

Fatty's Dilemma (Video: Trial Re-enactment)

Virginia Rappe (about 1920), the alleged rape victim

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