The Trial of Susan B. Anthony and the Campaign for Women's Suffrage: Selected Images

The Trial of Susan B. Anthony: Photos

Susan B. Anthony (Photo 1: age 32)
Susan B. Anthony (Photo 2: age 48)
Susan B. Anthony (Photo 3)
Sketch of Women Attempting to Vote in 1872
Image of Anthony Letter Written on Day of Vote
Anthony & Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Justice Ward Hunt (Trial Judge)
Henry Selden (Anthony's Attorney)
Courthouse at Canandaigua, N. Y.
Anthony Home (Scene of Arrest)
Cover of Trial Account
Cartoon of Anthony
Image of Anthony Petition to Congress

The Campaign for Women's Suffrage and Ratification of the 19th Amendment
"Votes for Women" Poster
Suffragists in 1915 Parade
Headquarters of the National Anti-Suffrage Association
Tennessee Ratification Document (36th and Final State to Ratify)
Suffragists Celebrate 1920 Ratification of 19th Amendment

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