Henry Wirz

Captain Henry Wirz
(1822 - 1865)


Colonel N. P. Chipman

Colonel N. P. Chipman
(1836 - 1924)

General Lew Wallace

Major-General Lew Wallace

General G. Mott

Major-General G. Mott

     General Mott was an attorney who subsequently became governor of New Jersey.

General Lorenzo Thomas

Major-General Lorenzo Thomas

     The adjutant general of the United States army. He was a career soldier who was an acknowledged authority on military law and the rules and usages of war.

General John W. Geary

Major-General John W. Geary

    Upon discharge from the Army he became Governor of Pennsylvania. Prior to the Civil War he served as Governor of the Territory of Kansas and was the first Mayor of San Francisco. In addition to his military service in the Civil War, including the Battle of Gettysburg, Geary was a decorated veteran of the War with Mexico.

General Francis Fessenden

Brigadier-General Francis Fessenden

     A native of Maine and a lawyer, who was the well educated son of a United States Senator.

General John F. Ballier

Brevet-Brigadier-General John F. Ballier

     A native of Philadelphia and of German decent, who had commanded the 98th Pennsylvania Infantry, a German Rifle Regiment that served on the upper Potomac.

Colonel T. Allcock

Brevet-Colonel T. Allcock

     A distinguished artillery officer from New York.

General John H. Stibbs

General John H. Stibbs

     Was the youngest member of the commission, at 26.

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Text written by Bill Carnes. Images on this page have been obtained by Troy Drew from The Andersonville Prison Trial: The Trial of Captain Henry Wirz, by General N.P. Chipman, 1911.

These materials were prepared as part of a class assignment for The Seminar in Famous Trials course at the University of Missouri-K.C. School of Law. The use of any sound or images in the trials sites is in furtherance of the educational mission of the Seminar.