MR. UELMEN: Detective Fuhrman, was the testimony that you gave at the preliminary hearing in this case completely truthful?

 DET. FUHRMAN: I wish to assert my 5th amendment privilege.

 MR. UELMEN: Have you ever falsified a police report?

 DET. FUHRMAN: I wish to assert my 5th amendment privilege.

 MR. UELMEN: Is it your intention to assert your 5th amendment privilege with respect to all questions that I ask you?



MR. MOUNGER (Fuhrman's Lawyer): Your Honor, further questions don't serve any purpose since my client has already answered that he will not answer any question and will assert his 5th amendment privilege. Anything further can only be a show.

 MR. UELMEN: I only have one other question, your Honor.

 THE COURT: What was that, Mr. Uelmen?

 MR. UELMEN: Detective Fuhrman, did you plant or manufacture any evidence in this case?

 DET. FUHRMAN: I assert my 5th amendment privilege.

 THE COURT: All right. Based upon the witness' answers, the representation by his counsel, Mr. Mounger--

 MS. CLARK: Your Honor, the People make an objection to the last question and ask the court to strike it as being improper and does nothing but headline.

 THE COURT: Overruled. The answer will stand. All right. Miss Clark, do you have any questions of this witness?

 MS. CLARK: No questions.

 THE COURT: All right. Then, given the assertion of the 5th amendment privilege, we will not conduct any further inquiry as to Detective Fuhrman. And--but, however, detective, I am going to release you from further attendance this afternoon. However, you are still subject to recall. All right. Thank you, sir.

 DET. FUHRMAN: Thank you, your Honor.

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