Excerpts from the Trial of Lizzie Borden

Witnesses for the Prosecution

Robert V. Morse (6/7/1893)
Bridget Sullivan (6/7/1893)
Dr. Seabury Bowen (6/8/1893)
Adelaide Churchill (6/8/1893)
Alice M. Russell (6/8/1893)
Dr. William Dolan (6/12-13/1893)
Dr. Edward S. Wood (6/13/1893)
Dr. John W. Coughlin (6/14/1893)
Hannah Reagan (6/14/1893)

Witnesses for the Defense
Opening Statement of A. V. Jennings (6/15/1893)
Dr. Benjamin Handy (6/15/1893)
Hyman Lubinsky (6/15/1893)
Emma L. Borden (6/16/1893)

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