The Trial of Lizzie Borden: Selected Newspaper Articles

The Crime & Investigation
Shocking Crime: A Venerable Citizen and His Aged Wife Hacked to Pieces in Their Home
(Fall River Herald, 8/4/1892)
Thursday's Affray: No Clue Yet as to Its Perpetrator
(Fall River Herald, 8/5/1892)
Mrs. Borden Was Dead a Full Hour Before Her Husband Came
(New York Herald, 8/7/1892)
Lizzie Borden: Her School and Her Later Life -A Noble Woman, Though Retiring
(The Boston Herald)
Inquest Begun: Judge Blaisdell Listens to the Evidence
(Fall River Herald)
Miss Borden Arrested
(New York Times, 8/11/1892)
Lizzie Borden's Ordeal
(New York Times, 8/27/1892)

The Trial
Borden Jury Found
(Boston Daily Globe)
Lizzie Borden in a Faint
(New York Times)
Bridget Sullivan a Witness
(New York Times, 6/7/1893)
Even So! What if Lizzie Did Ask for Acid?
(Joe Howard, Boston Globe, 6/14/1893)
One Side: State Rests Upon Its Case
(Joe Howard, Boston Globe, 6/15/1893)
Hopeful: Lizzie's Counsel Sustained
(Joe Howard, Boston Globe, 6/16/1893)
Guilty or Not? Fate of Lizzie Borden in the Balance
(Joe Howard, Boston Globe, 6/18/1893)
Not Guilty: Lizzie Borden is Acquitted
(Joe Howard, Boston Globe, 6/20/1893)

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