Seminar in Famous Trials: Grading and Class Assignment
Professor Linder
Winter Semester 2018

Grades for this seminar will be based equally on your performance on an objective end-of-the-semester exam and your class project, as described below.  The exam will be multiple choice and will cover key points raised in your readings and class discussion for each of the thirteen trials covered this semester, plus the additional thirteen lectures assigned from the Great Trials in World History lecture series.  About 2/3 of the questions will pertain to the trials covered in the in-class presentations and about 1/3 will pertain to the Great Trials lecture series.

Class Projects
For your class project, you have two options.  You can choose either to write an account and analysis of one of the trials listed below or you can prepare a video documentary on one of those same trials.  If you choose the first option, it will be an individual paper.  Your account should be a minimum of 2400 words and a maximum of 3600 words.  It should provide background and analysis of the trial, including some impact of the legal or social significance of the trial.  You should include a bibliography.  The account should not rely solely on Internet sources, and should find support in at least two books which you should identify in your bibliography.  If you choose the video option, you can either work individually or with one other person.  If you work individually, the video should be about 18 to 22 minutes long.  If you work with a classmate, the video should be between 25 and 30 minutes in length.  Although a good-looking video is appreciated, you will be graded almost exclusively on the content of the video (including your work in identifying images, maps, exhibits, charts, and other aids that help illustrate your key points).  You should make your choice as to which option you will choose, including the trial you will study, by the third class session.

Trial Options for Papers or Videos
Trials 1400-1899
Trial of Gilles de Rais (1440)
Martin Guerre Trials (1560)
Mary Queen of Scots Trial (1586) 

Gunpowder Plot Trial (1606)
John Lilburne Trials (1638 & 1653)
Trial of Charles I (1641)
  Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette Trials (1792 & 1793)
Alien and Sedition Trials (1798)
Impeachment Trial of Justice Samuel Chase (1805)
Dr. John Webster Trial (1850)
Anthony Burns (Fugitive Slave) Trial (1854)
Dred Scott Trial (1856)
Henry Wirz Trial (1865)
Henry Beecher Adultery Trial (1874)
The Frank James Trial (1883)
  Alfred Dreyfus Trials (1894 & 1899)

Trials 1900-1974
Dr. Hyde (Swope Murder) Trial (1910)
Clarence Darrow Trial (1912)
Joe Hill Trial (1914)
Roger Casement Trial (1916)
  Fatty Arbuckle Trials (1921-22)
Mohandas Gandhi Trial (1922)
Adolf Hitler Trial (1924)
Billy Mitchell Court-Martial (1925)
Anti-Hitler Conspirators Trial (1944)
Vidkun Quisling Trial (1945)
Tokyo War Crimes Trials (1946-48)
Fidel Castro Trial (1953)
Adolf Eichmann Trial (1961)
Collie Leroy Wilkins Trial (1965)
Huey P. Newton Trial (1968)
Clay Shaw (JFK Assassination Conspiracy) Trial (1968-69)
Angela Davis Trial (1972)
Trials 1975 to Present
  Vaclav Havel Trials (1977-89)
Jeffrey MacDonald Trial (1979)
China's "Gang of Four" Trial (1980)
Von Bulow Trials (1982 &1985)
Jim Bakker Trial (1989)
  Mapplethorpe Obscenity Trial (1990)
Tiananmen Square Dissidents Trials (1990)
Manuel Noriega Trial (1991)
Mike Tyson Trial (1992)
Menendez Brothers' Trials (1993-1996)
Jack Kervorkian Trials (1994-99)
Aaron McKinney (Matthew Shepard Beating) Trial (1999)
Martha Stewart Trial (2003)
Saddam Hussein Trial (2006)
Amanda Knox Trial (2009)
Dr.Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson) Trial (2011)
Norway v Breivik (2012)
Oscar Pistorius Trial (2014)
Boston Marathon Bomber (Tsarnaev) Trial (2015)