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The largest collection of Darrow's letters is housed at the Riesenfeld Rare Books Research Center at University of Minnesota School of Law in Minneapolis.  The collection, consisting of some 900 letters, was purchased by the U of M in 2004.  According to an article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune in October, 2004, "It may take librarians as long as a year to transcribe the 900 letters, about 340 of them written in Darrow's near-illegible scrawl on subjects ranging from the Leopold and Loeb murder trial to worries about the 1929 stock market crash."  The paper reports, "About 115 letters in the collection were written to Darrow by luminaries such as Helen Keller, Henry Ford, architect Frank Lloyd Wright, political and union activist Mother Jones and politicians Franklin Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. The rest of the collection is family letters and other documents."


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