Statement by William Muspratt (9/17/1792)

I am sure will not escape the discerning Eye of this Honble.  Court, are circumstances, which I cannot but believe, must most materially affect Mr. Hayward's Credit.

Had I have been under Arms at the time Mr. Hayward has sworn I humbly Submit that Mr. Hallet must have seen me. The great Misfortune attending this unhappy Business is that no one ever Attempted to rescue the Ship; it might havebeen done-Thompson was the only Centinel upon the Arm Chest.

Mr. Peckover saw me upon the forecastle not doing anything.

There is not a single Act done by me during the time I had the Musquet or at any other time, and I submit to this Honble. Court that such is a very strong Circumstance, from whence to conclude that I had it for the purpose I have suggested and not for any Mutinous purpose.