Defense Witness Cole on Behalf of Joseph Coleman (9/15/1792)

Saturday, 15th September 1792.
The Court met according to adjournment. 

JOSEPH COLEMAN being called on for his Defence, Mr. COLE, Boatswain of the" Bounty," called in again and sworn.


Q. Do you remember at the fore Hatchway that you said, "Armourer, what do you intend to do? " and that I said, " To go with the Captain, go where he will"; and that you answered, " So will I," and that you said, " Jump down below and put your Cloaths into a Bag," and that if I had any Trade left to put them into the Bag, it might be of service to us?

A. I do not remember so much Conversation pass'd; it might have slip'd my Memory. I remember his saying he would go with the Captain, go where he would, and I remember he had a Bag, but I do not recollect whether he had it in his Hand, or whether it was in the Boat and Mr. Christian ordered him to be stopped.

By the COURT-

Q. Did you hear Christian order him to be stopped?
A. Yes I heard Christian order him to be detained. 

Q. Did the Armourer at the time Christian Ordered him to be detained expostulate with him?
A. I did not hear him say any thing at all; he was then surrounded by Armed Men and I saw him crying afterwards. 

The Witness withdrew.