The Trials of Oscar Wilde: Selected Images

Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde in 1887(standing)
Lord Alfred Douglas
Lord Alfred Douglas (head only)
Wilde and Douglas at Oxford in 1893
Wilde's wife (Constance) and son Cyril in 1889
Envelope and note that were basis of libel suit
Marquess of Queensberry with bike
Sketch of the Marquess of Queensberry fighting with his son
Sketch of Wilde in prison
Poster announcing auction of Wilde's possessions
Wilde in Naples in 1897
Wilde in casket in 1900
Sketch of Sir Edward Clarke (Wilde's attorney)
Sketch of Edward Carson, Q. C. (Queensberry's attorney)
Solicitor General Frank Lockwood
Sketch of Justice Charles
Sketch of Closing Trial Scene: half page (Illus. Police News, 5/4/1895)
Sketch of Closing Trial Scene: full page (Illus. Police News, 5/4/1895)

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