What is THE trial of the century?

1.  Today Show call in December 1999.

2.  Some contenders:
      ---Lindbergh Kidnapping Trial of 1935 (Hauptmann)
      ---Nuremberg Trials (1946-48)
      ---OJ Simpson Trial (1995)
      ---Scottsboro Boys Trials

3.  The Winner Is: The Scopes "Monkey" Trial of 1925

A.  The Time

B.   The Cast of Characters
------Clarence Darrow
------William Jennings Bryan
------H. L. Mencken
------Supporting roles (Dudley Malone, Arthur Garfield Hays, Thomas Stewart)

C.  The Drama (Chataqua?)
------Darrow speech
------Bryan speech
------Examination of Bryan by Darrow (New York Times called "the most amazing courtroom scene in Anglo-American history")
------Judge Raulston closing

D.   The Issues
------Who controls the content of public education?
------Free speech rights of teachers
------Where did we come from?  Can Science and Religion be Reconciled?

E.   Inspired Courtroom Dramas
------Inherit the Wind (Spencer Tracy as Darrow, Fredric March as Bryan, and Gene Kelly as Mencken)

F.  Stood the Test of Time
-----OJ in 2075?
It was a symbolic struggle for America's culture between the forces of Traditionalism and the forces of Modernism.  It was about whether we look for guidance from, as Bryan said "the faith of our fathers," or from our own intellects.  The Scopes Trial was about what much of the twentieth century has been about.