Tappan Essay Footnotes (work in progress)

MOA         Howard Jones.  Mutiny on the Amistad.  Oxford Press, 1987.
LTEW        Bertram Wyatt-Brown.  Lewis Tappan and the Evangelical War Against Slavery

Section 1
"We feel bad and we ask Cinque...":
"Throw some bread at them":
Section 2
"outrageous costumes":
"forcible and impressive":
"amidst a tremendous noise...":
"When my wife saw the large...":
"silent Anti-Slavery preacher...":
"expressly to tar and feather":
"If you wish to draw off the people...":  LTEW, p144.
"Moral suasion": LTEW, p144.
"collection of natural curiosities": Emancipator (12/8/1836).
"We will persevere, come life or death....":  LT letter to S. C. vigilance committee, quoted in LTEW, p154.
"respectable" New York faction:
Section 3
"They made fools of us...":
"What country is this?....":
"Bless our Holy Virgin...":
"[Pedro Montes] is the most striking...":
Section 4
"There is too much theology in the Church...":  LT letter to Theodore Weld (10/25/1831), quoted in LTEW, p65.
"their enmity and clamor are evidence...": New York Evangelist (10/81831).
"monitor general": LTEW, p102.
Section 5
"To the Marshal of the District...":
"The subscribers, Don Jose Ruiz, and...":
"We despise the jumbug doctrines...":
Section 6
"Thirty-eight fellow men from Africa...":
"I arrived here last Friday evening...":
Section 7
"The abolitionisists are making immense...":
"The Journal of Commerce and several...":
"A change has passed over the entire...":
Section 8
Section 9
Section 10
Section 11
Section 12
Section 13
Section 14
Section 15
Section 16
Section 17
Section 18
Section 19