The Later Scottsboro Boys Trials  (1933 - 1937)

Judge William Callahan

After Judge Horton set aside Haywood Patterson's death sentence and guilty verdict in June, 1933, prosecutors applied pressure to have the Scottsboro cases transferred to another judge.  Their efforts were successful, and the next round of trials began in late 1933 in the Decatur courtroom of Judge William Callahan.

Trials of Haywood Patterson (third) and Clarence Norris (second), Nov.-Dec., 1933

 Excerpt from the testimony of Victoria Price in the Norris trial
 Excerpt from the testimony of Dr. Bridges in the Norris trial
 Excerpt from the testimony of Ruby Bates in the Norris trial

 Newspaper accounts of the trials

  Decision of U. S. Supreme Court reversing the convictions

Trial of Haywood Patterson (fourth), January, 1936

Newspaper accounts of the trial

 Decision of Alabama Supreme Court affirming conviction

Trials of Clarence Norris (third), Andy Wright (second), and Charles Weems (second), July, 1937

 Newspaper accounts of the trial