Diagram of the Chattanooga to Memphis Freight Train

(1) The fight between white boys and some of the Scottsboro boys occurred in the last gondola (car #16) after the blacks jumped  in from the adjoining boxcar (#17).
(2) Price and Bates alleged that they were raped in the last  gondola (car #16) by the Scottsboro boys after the boys threw the whites off the train.
(3) Price and Bates  were first seen by the posse in Paint Rock next to the fourth gondola (car #12).
(4) A snuffbox belonging to Price was found in the fourth gondola (car# 12).
(5) Price and Bates claimed that they moved from a tank car (car #22) to the gondola (car #16) at Stevenson.
(6) Patterson's hand was stepped on by a white boy as he was hanging to the side of a tank car (car #23?) , starting the fight.
(7) Montgomery testified that he entered car #37 by himself and stayed there until he was arrested in Paint Rock.
(8) Roberson claimed he entered car #39 and remained there until he was arrested in Paint Rock.
(9) Andy Wright testified that he was on the flat car (car #21) at the time of the fight and remained there until arrested in Paint Rock.
(10) Roy Wright, Norris and others testified that they met on the cross-tie car and moved forward to the last gondola (car#16), where the fight with the whites took place.  They testified that they never saw Price or Bates until the train was stopped at Paint Rock.