June 19, 1931
Blair County Jail

Dear Mother:

    While in my cell, lonely and thinking of you.  I am trying by some means to write you a few words.  I would like for you to come down here Thursday.  I feel like I can eat some of your cooking Mom.  Beatrice may like she was going to send me a chikcen but I haven't got on yet.  I would like for you to bring or send me a chicken.  If you please, send me some paper and stamps so I can write more often.

    Be sure to send me that chicken, if nothing else and don't forget that.

    Please don't write or tell me anything to make me feel good.  You cant send Andy anything to eat, but you can me.  Send or bring me a big bag of peanuts.  If you send me a box you dont have to come because I have your picture and I can look at it.  Or the cake slice it up when you send it.  Tell Sis I say hello.  Write back.  let me know if you send it or come down.  Either one.  Put in box or let it come on to me.  I have gone chicken crazy so I close for this time.

Your devoted son

Roy Wright