May 4, 1934

Haywood Patterson
Condemned Department
Kilby Prison
Montgomery, Ala.

My dear, Darling Mother;

    This certainly is a great pleasure for me here trying to write you these lines in regards how I am.  Wellm darling, at this time I am getting along as best as I can under the circumstances.  Now mother, precious dear, I received yesterday a letter from Sebill.  She was well so far s i am concerned.  I have not heard from Lojise this week therefore, I can't give an account of how they are getting on.

    Mother dear, I hope that you will get to see all my dear good friends those of whom has been sure faithful to me, although I never heard from my friends on a certain account but yet, they should kno that does not discourage meas I know they carry the great struggle on and there will be no end to that until I am freed.

    Yes, there are at least two or three friends who are not members of the I.L.D. that I hear from.  Tell Wm. Patterson and also my many good friends that I am being held incommunicado.  If ther is anyone who wish to give me a help by sending me such; as cigarettes, magazines, money and stamps I will get it all right and will appreciate their kindness as if I were before where I could write them.  Just to-day I received one dollar from 80 E. 11th St., but received no letter with it that is the way it has been ever since I am here.

    I realize that you all know all about it and that it is why it does not worry me or discourage me therefore, it is necessary for you all not to fee discouragged anaway I am innocent of this mess and I will die with that word regardless to what may come or happen.  I am innocent and I will always say I am innocient so you all need not worry as I dont worry.

    Wish you are well, and enjoying a lot.  I hope you can read this as I have not anything to write with.

    Close for this time.
    Your loving Sun;

    Haywood Patterson

   P.S.    I sincerely hope that it want be much longer before someone comes down to see me as I wish for a few things to be known.