Condemned Dept.
Kilby Prison
Montgomery, Ala.

Dec. 10, 1931
Mr. J. Louis Engdahl

Dear Sir:

    While sitting all alone in prison I thought I'll express you a few lines to let you here from us boys.  We are all well and hoping to be free soon and also hoping you all will remain in fighting for us boys.

    Mr. Engdahl I am ask you a question and I would like for you to answer it in your write, and here it's are.  Have you all got Mr. Darrow fighting for us boys.  The reasons why I ask you that becost I heard that Mr. Clance Darrow was going to fighting for us boys, and I would like to know if possible becost I am innocent, as innocent as the tiny mite of life just beginning to stir beneath my heart.  Honest, Mr. Engdahl, I haven't did anything to be imprisonment like this.  And all of the boys send their best regards to you all and best wishes.  So I would appreciate an interview at your earliest convenience.

Very truly yours,

Haywood Patterson