Montgomery Ala
Mrs. Hester G. Huntington

My Dear Mrs. Huntington

    I takes the advantage of this golden opportunity in addressing you these few lines while sitting here by the window in my lettle cell inhaling the cool breezes as they slowly pass by and listening to the sweet music as it safely sing the song of you is my sunshine.  Frankly you is my sunshine of the kind deeds you have enlighten the days of my unhappy life.  You have encouraged me at the time I be discouraged. You have brought sunshine into my gloomy heart at the needy times.  you have been a God fairy to me of which makes you my Earthly Sunshine, (Smile)

    Now I must stop to write a line of informative of my present health of which is failing me very fast, though I truly hope you is well blessed with good health and is extremely enjoying life,

    Many - Many Thanks for the Extra $1.00 it was very kind of you to remember me at this time, and I highly appreciate your kindness.  Well I am certain you is growing tired of reading such horrible writing so I'll bring this letter to a conclusion by saying I am patiently waiting a few lines of pacification of the outside world concerning yourself and your favorite hobby (etc.)

    Extend my best regards to all.

 I remain
Yours Sincerely

Andy Wright

P.S.    Answer Soon