Mississippi Burning Trial: Selected Klan Documents
Leaflet Circulated by the KKK in Mississippi in 1964
Letter from Sam Bowers Concerning FBI Investigation ('the logging letter")
1964 Application Form for White Knights of KKK of Mississippi

Leaflet Circulated by the KKK in Mississippi in 1964
Here are Twenty Reasons WHY you should, if qualified,
join, aid and support the White Knights of the
KU KLUX KLAN of Mississippi:
    1.    Because it is a Christian, fraternal and benevolent organization.
    2.    Because it is a democratic organization, governed by its members.
    3.    Because it is a democratic and just organization.
    4.    Because it is a working organization which not only talks but ACTS.
    5.    Because it is a very secret organization and no one will know that you are a member.
    6.    Because it is a legal organization and no one can be prosecuted for being a member.
    7.    Because it is a politically independent organization, and is not pledged to any political party.
    8.    Because it is a Pro-American organization that opposes any thing, person or organization that is Un-American.

    9.    Because it is an organization that is sworn to uphold the lawful Constitution of the United States of America.

10.    Because it is composed of native-born, white, gentile and protestant American citizens who are sound of mind and of good moral character.

11.    Because the goals of the KKK are the total segregation of the races and the total destruction of communism in all its forms.

12.    Because the KKK has twice saved this nation from destruction as history clearly records.

13.    Because there comes a time in the life of every man when he has to choose between the right ot wrong side of  life.

14.    Because there are today many alien forces entering the United States of America bent upon its destruction.

15.    Because it informs its members, and an informed citizen is a good citizen.

16.    Because a Christian-like brotherhood among men must be revived in America.

17.    Because on of the goals of the KKK is States' Rights and complete State Sovereignty.

18.    Because neither the Conservatives nor the Liberals will save out nation, for patriots always save a nation.

19.    Because it is clear now that if communism is to be defeated in America, it will be done in the South and primarily in Mississippi.

20.    Because the KKK needs you today to help fight America's battles.

    The White Knights of the KU KLUX KLAN of Mississippi is, of necessity, a SECRET organization.  The administration of our National Government is now under the actual control of atheists  who are Bolsheviks by nature.  As dedicated agents of Satan, they are absolutely determined to destroy Christian Civilization and all Christians.  We have nothing dishonorable to hide, but we must remain SECRET, for the protection of our lives and families.

    All of our members must meet a strict set of requirements:

    We are looking for, and enlisting ONLY:  Sober, Intelligent, Courageous, Christian, American, White men who are consciously and fully aware of the basic FACT that the physical life and earthly destiny are absolutely bound up with the Survival of this Nation, under God.  Our governmental principles are precisely those of the ORIGINAL U.S. Constitution.  Our members are Christians who are anxious to preserve not only their souls for all Eternity, but who are MILITANTLY DETERMINED, God willing, to save their lives, and the Life of this Nation, in order that their descendants shall enjoy the same, full, God-given blessings of True Liberty that we have been permitted to enjoy up to now.

    We do not accept Jews, because they reject Christ, and, through the machinations of their International Banking Cartel, are at the root center of what we call "communism" today.

    We do not accept Papists, because they bow to a Roman dictator, in direct violation of the First Commandment, and the True American Spirit of Responsible, Individual Liberty.

    We do not accept Turks, Mongols, Tarters, Orientals, Negroes, nor any other person whose native background of culture is foreign to the Anglo-Saxon system of Government by responsible, FREE individual citizens.

    Our governmental system is a Constitutional Republic, primarily designed to protect the Responsible, Individual Citizens from all tyranny:  which selects its representatives by both the direct and the indirect Democratic process; and recognizes the necessity for the existence of an effective Loyal Opposition to any current Administration.  This type of Governmental System is unique, and found only where Anglo-Saxons control the Governmental Machinery of a Nation.  With rare exceptions, people of other backgrounds simply cannot comprehend the Anglo-Saxon principle of "Equal Justice under Law" and the fact that EVERY "Right" must be balanced by an accompanying Responsibility.  The inherent balance and reason of this system has little or no attraction for these persons of alien culture.  The generally prefer to shirk Individual Responsibility, grab up as much material wealth as they can, and accept Centralized Authority and Dictatorship, in the hope that they can buy special favors and privileges for themselves.

    The conflict between these two attitudes has now become a Life and Death matter in America.  The people of the non-American cultures CAN and COULD live under the Anglo-Saxon System, but they prefer to see it destroyed.  The true American Anglo-Saxons, on the other hand, CAN NOT live under a Dictatorship!

    This issue is clearly one of personal physical SELF-DEFENSE or DEATH for the American Anglo Saxons.  The Anglo-Saxons have no choice but to defend our Constitutional Republic by every means at their command, because it is, LITERALLY, their LIFE.  They will die without it.

    If you are a Christian, American Anglo-Saxon who can understand the simple Truth of this Philosophy, you belong in the White Knights of the KU KLUX KLAN of Mississippi.  We need your help right away.  Get your Bible out and PRAY!  You will hear from us.