The Trial of Dan White: Trial Testimony of Donald Frediani (friend of White's)
Source: The Trial of Dan White by Kenneth W. Salter (1991)


Q In your class that graduated from the Fire College, did Dan distinguish himself in any way?
A Yes. He was the valedictorian of the Fire Department class. He was voted so by members of the class.     .
Q And, as I mentioned before, you are friends with Dan White?
A Yes, sir. I consider Dan a good friend. . . .
Q You mentioned that, or I asked if you saw some change in him after he had been on the Board of Supervisors?
A Yes. When he first started out, like I say, he came down for lunch, and Dan was always, always into health. He was always in tip-top shape. Every time him and I would see each other, the first thing we had asked each other is, "How you feeling? How you do­ing? You working out?" And Dan would run, and I'd run and, basically all the different sports events. He loved sports and I loved sports. And I noticed when he first started out he'd come to the firehouse and he'd bring his own sandwich and had milk and everything, you know, and-or we'd have a hamburger, but he'd always have his milk.  And later on he'd come down and he'd get a Coke, and that's not like Dan at all to get a Coke. Or he'd eat candy or something like that. That's not like him either. Then I would see him on the clip­pings on the-on the TV or in the newspaper and he'd just look like he gained weight. His face looked all puffy to me. It looked like he was changing. I'd talk to him and he'd sound the same, but to me-he just didn't look the same to me. It looked like he was going downhill. I mean, he just wasn't the same physically and not the same guy to me.
Q Knowing Dan White as you have for the period that you have indicated, knowing also he shot two men, is there anything in his character that ever would have told you that he was capable of that type of act?
A No, sir. That is the biggest shock that ever happened to me in my whole life. I can't believe that. I can't believe it.