Excerpts from the Testimony of Thalia Massie
[Griffin Wight, prosecutor] Q: When you got home, what did you do?
A: I took off my clothes and took a douche.
Q: Were you successful?
A: No.
Q: What happened?
A: A couple of weeks later I found I was pregnant. ...

[ William Heen, defense attorney]

Q: About what time was it that you left the Ala Wai Inn?
A: It was about 11:35.
Q: How do you recall that time?
A: Because some friends of mine left the dance at 11:30 and I left the party a few minutes after they did.
Q: How did you happen to know it was 11: 30?
A: My friend told me later that she had looked at her watch and it had been 11: 30.
Q: Several days later?
A: I don't remember. ...
Q: About how long did it take you to go from the Ala Wai Inn to the point where you were picked up by these boys?
A: I was walking quite slowly. I suppose five or ten minutes.
Q: As you passed these stores [Heen points to a map] on John Ena Road, did you notice whether they were open?
A: No, I didn't pay much attention to my surroundings.
Q: Did you notice whether there were any cars driving on John Ena Road at that time?
A: I didn't notice any.
Q: Did you notice whether or not there was a dance going on at the Waikiki dance hall?
A: At that time I didn't know the exact location of Waikiki Park and I didn't know it had an entrance on John Ena Road.

Q: Have you a distinct recollection of having passed these stores on John Ena Road?
A: Yes, I continued to beyond the stores.
Q: Did you have to cross any street as you passed the stores?
A: No, I don't think so.

Q: And you don't recollect whether or not these stores were open at that time?
A: No. I think some of them were closed at that time. I remember seeing lights in one of them as I went by, but I didn't notice whether they were open or not...
Q: Did the car [carrying your attackers] come right alongside of you and stop?
A: Yes, and stopped so that the back seat was parallel with where I was standing.
Q: When it stopped did you stop?
A: As it stopped, two men jumped out of it at me and I stopped and Kahahawai came behind me and struck me on the jaw.
Q: After Kahahawai struck you on the jaw, what happened?
A: He put his hand over my mouth and he and Chang dragged me into the car.
Q: Was Kahahawai behind you when he put his hand on your mouth?
A: Yes.  On the right, right behind me.
Q: Where was Chang?
A: In front of me, on the running board of the car.
Q: Who pushed you into the car?
A: Chang was pulling me into the car and Kahahawai was pushing me into the car.
Q: Did you scream before you were struck by Kahahawai?
A: I screamed at the time he struck me.
Q: How many times did you scream?
A: Only once, before he put his hand over my mouth....
Q: About how long were you down at this spot altogether?
A: I don't know.
Q: You have no idea at all?
A: Well, perhaps it was 20 minutes.
Q: Is it not a fact, Mrs. Massie, that you were asked by one or more of the police officers who arrived soon after your husband arrived at home as to what had happened to you that night?
A: My husband told them, I think.
Q: Do you remember telling the police officers that first arrived at your home that night that these boys had grabbed and pulled you into the car and that one boy held your mouth and beat you while in the car?
A: No. I remember telling Mr. McIntosh that.
Q: Do you remember saying to the police officers on this night when you returned to your home that you thought these boys who assaulted you were Hawaiian?
A: I remember telling the people who brought me home that. I don't remember what I said to the police.
Q: Do you remember making a statement to the effect, on that same occasion to someone, that you were unable to identify any of these boys because it was dark?
A: No, I don't remember making any such statement.
Q: Do you remember stating, upon being questioned, that you couldn't identify the car-that you weren't sure what kind of car it was?
A: I didn't think about the car. Mr. McIntosh asked about it.
Q: Now I ask you whether or not you remember making a statement to this effect on that night when the police officers arrived there that you thought it was a Ford or Dodge touring? An old car?
A: I don't remember saying anything as to the age of the car.
Q: Now, do you recall being asked whether you knew the number of the car and you said no?
A: Nobody asked me until Mr. McIntosh did. I didn't think of the number until Mr. McIntosh asked me.
(Excerpts from Peter Van Slingerland, Something Terrible Has Happened (1966))
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