The Trial of John Brown: Selected Images

Images of John Brown
John Brown in 1846  (West Virginia Archives)
John Brown with Negro mother (illustration)
John Brown in August 1859

Key Participants
Three abolitionists (Wendell Phillips (L), William Garrison (C), and George Thompson (R))
The Secret Six
Robert E. Lee in mid-1850s

The Attack on Harper's Ferry
Harper's Ferry
Kennedy farmhouse outside Harper's Ferry rented by Brown
Eight members of Brown's raiding party
John Brown at Harper's Ferry
Interior of engine house (Porte Crayon, Leslie's Illus.)
Marines storm engine house (Harper's magazine)
Marines storm engine house (2) (Harper's magazine)
John Brown's fort (engine house) (photo)
Brown wounded and prisoner (Porte Crayon, Harper's)

Trial and Execution
Courthouse and prison in Charlestown, West Virginia
The Arraignment of John Brown
Brown being carried from court to prison
Last Moments of John Brown (painting by Thomas Hovenden)
The hanging of John Brown
John Brown's grave in North Elba, New York

Trial of John Brown