Letter from Galileo's Doctors

December 17, 1632

We, the undersigned physicians, certify that we have examined Signor Galileo Galilei, and find that his pulse intermits every three or four beats, from which we conclude that his vital powers are affected, and at his great age much weakened.  To the above are to to be ascribed frequent attacks of giddiness, hypochondriacal melancholy, weakness of the stomach, sleeplessness, and flying pains about the body, to which others can also testify.  We have also observed a serious hernia with rupture of peritoneum.  All these symptoms are worthy of notice, as under the least aggravation they might evidently become dangerous to life.

Vettorio de Rossi
Giovanni Ronconi
Pietro Cervieri

Source: Karl Von Gebler, Galileo Galilei, p. 481 [sic] (1879).          

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