The Trial of Galileo: Selected Images

Key Figures
Galileo at age 60 (portrait by Ottavio Leoni, 1624)
Galileo in old age instructing Vincenzo Viviani (painting by Tito Lessi)
Cardinal Robert Bellarmine in 1604
Pope Paul V
Benedetto Castelli
Pope Urban VIII in 1623
Giovanni Ciampoli
Galileo's daughter, Maria Celeste

Trial Images
Galileo questioned in 1616
Galileo before the Holy Office in 1633
Sketch of Inquisition headquarters in Rome

(source: Galileo, Science, and the Church by Jerome Langford)
Map of central Italy in 1600s showing key locations
Map of Italy in 1600s

Diagrams and Models
Aristotelian (Ptolematic) Cosmos from Peter Apian's Cosmographia (1524)
Model from Copernicus' On the Revolutions
Copernican model in full color

Title and Cover Pages
Title page for Galileo's Dialogue
Cover page for Galileo's Dialogue
Title page for Ciampoli's Prose

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