Goals in Making Famous Trials Site

Engage readers
NYT quote
Provide balanced and accurate account
Provide deep content
Offer hard-to-find materials
Trial transcripts
Unpublished reports
Out-of-print book excerpts
Magazine material not found in any library
Trial exhibits
Court documents
Newspaper accounts
(Really old) newspapers
Materials donated by trial attorneys
Maps and diagrams
Video clips
Opinion polls
Secret cables
Chain-of-command chart
Select most interesting and valuable materials about trial (don't dump)
Provide for expression of contradictory viewpoints (kaleidoscopic)
Scopes Trial
Anti-evolutionist book excerpts
Defense expert's impressions
Book of Genesis
Reflections of Scopes
WJB's summation
Mencken's account
1927 pamphlet about trial
Provide materials for teaching about famous trials
Questions for discussion
Raise questions about justice system
McMartin trial vs Salem
Tell stories about trial heroes
Trial heroes
Show that history didn't have to turn out the way that it did
Hiss trial