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Testimony of Philip Chambers

Philip Chambers, age 15, was an employee of the National Pencil Company who regularly worked Saturdays.

Examination by Reuben Arnold

Arnold:  [Have you see Frank entertain female employees in his office?]

Chambers:  "Mr. Frank never did have any women in there."

Arnold:  [Did you ever see Frank drinking at the factory?]

Chambers:  "I never saw any drinking there."

Arnold: [Did you ever see Dalton visit Frank at the factory?]

Chambers:  "I have never seen Dalton come in there."

Arnold: [Did you ever see Conley or anyone else watching the door for Frank?]

Chambers:  "I have never seen anybody watching the door on any Saturday that I was there."

Arnold: [Did you ever see Frank doing anything sexually inappropriate with any female workers?]

Chambers:  "I have never seen Mr. Frank familiar with any of the women in the factory. "

Arnold: [Did you ever see Frank doing anything inappropriate with Mary Phagan?]

Chambers:  "I have never seen him talk to Mary Phagan at all."

Cross-examination by Hugh Dorsey:

Dorsey:  "You and Mr. Frank were pretty friendly, weren't you?"

Chambers:  "Just like a boss should be." 

Dorsey:  "Did you ever complain to J.M. Gantt that Frank had made improper advances to you?"

Chambers:  "No, sir."

Dorsey:  "You didn't tell Gantt that Frank had threatened to discharge you if you did not comply with his wishes?"

Chambers:  “No.”

[Arnold objected that this line of questioning had no support and was designed solely to damage the reputation of the defendant.  Arnold complained:  "It's the most unfair thing I've ever heard of in a court proceeding. It's the vilest slander that can be cast upon a man. If Courts were run this way it could be brought against any member of the community-you, me or the jury. No man can get a fair showing against such vile insinuations. If this comes up again, I will be tempted to move for a new trial." Judge Roan ordered the evidence concerning Frank's sexual interest in Chambers struck from the record.]

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