Evil in the American Justice System
e-mail from the neice of Robert Brase (2010)

From: Kim Kubik

Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 2010
To: Linder, Douglas O.
Subject: I am Bob Brase's Niece

Bob was my uncle. I remember Bob. Bob never did anything but bring joy to the children around him. At the time he died, he had 6 nieces and nephews and each of us loved him. He remember him building a sports car from a kit. That was the coolest. He was a great and wonderful person.

My grandparents already lost two of their sons in a tractor accident back when my mom was around five years old. They lost all three of their sons. This was not just a tradgedy. A few years back, my father told me about what happened to Henry (Bob's father) when they died. He layed in the corner by his front window for over two weeks. It took my great grandmother to get Grandpa Brase to keep living.

Bob was really my Grandpa Brase's only hope in keeping the farm running. Once Bob killed himself, it started the dammedest occurances in my family. My brother, Jim and my mother's third husband (who had never farmed!) were made to take over. That was the worst thing that could have occurred. It caused unreputable damage in my family's relationships.

If Bob was still around, things would be much different. He would have been there to teach his sons about farming. Bob was an honest, hard working person. What the hell was the Justice 'system' thinking!?!? People have kept living in this family; however, lots of good left this world when Bob left.

Whoever did this, whoever is responsible for 'Project Looking Glass', as far as I am concerned, has hell to pay when it comes to the town of Shelby, to Matt and Robbie (his sons), to my really cool aunt (she has never remarried), to other family members (including me) and to God.

If I could change anything, it would be having me uncle back. You just don't know how different things would be for this family if he was still alive. We are still encouraged to use our imagination, be creative and slightly outspoken. The thing is, we don't have our uncle Bob to bounce ideas off of. It is like we have to start all over.

To close, I want to strongly send out the message to those in charge of setting up investigations. Make sure you aren't hurting innocent, excellent, hardworking, intellegent, loving, caring, selfless people. Quit f--king with us. We don't ever mean to hurt anyone. We try helping people, not hurting them. My uncle didn't mean to hurt anyone, I would bet my life on it.

Thank you for your time,
Kim Kubik