Cartoon History: Set 2
Set 2: First Violence

The first objective of the Sioux uprising was the Lower Redwood agency with its well-supplied stores and numerous shops and buildings.  "Kill the traders, loot the stores and burn the buildings!"  Little Crow ordered. 


At dawn on Monday, Aug. 18, 1862, the Indians gathered at the agency in small groups near each business and home. 


The most hated man at the agency, as far as the Indians were concerned, was  Andrew Myrick.  He had cheated them in the past, but he was the trader who refused them credit, saying they should eat grass if they didn't want to starve.


So it's not suprising that the first shot of the raid was fired at Myrick's store, killing the manager, James W. Lynde, as he stood in the doorway. 


The Indians were afraid to go after Myrick, who was hiding in his quarters above the store, because they thought he was armed.  Instead, they looted the store and prepared to burn the building with him in it.


Myrick had but one means of escape--out the trap door in the roof and down a lightning rod on the back of the building.  The steep brush-covered banks of the Minnesota river were but a short distance from the store.   


Amid shot and flying arrows he raced for the river.  If he could reach it, he would be able to make it to Fort Ridgely and the protection of the soldiers.


Unfortunately, he was hit before he reached cover.  Several days later, when his arrow pierced body was recovered for burial, it was discovered that his mouth had been stuffed with grass. 

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