Response to this Site from a Creationist: Letter #3 (Mar., 2001)

Note: The majority of messages that I receive are in general agreement with the analysis that I provide on this website.  Some, however, are not.  In the interest of providing a full airing of views, I will be presenting some criticisms--unedited by myself--that I have received.  Doug Linder.

Hello, Mr. Linder!

I came across your site when I desired to extrapolate the finer points of the Scopes Trial. It is a nicely designed location and you should be proud.

I'll keep it short, what I have to say. Hopefully my criticisms are not met with a burgeoning sense of selfish pride, but with an understanding and humble patience. Let's get started.

I think it is rather odd that learned people would not at least read the Bible. (The number one best seller of all time. At the absolute least, it is a magnificent read!) I would think that if one is to debate the books of the Bible and their authenticity, I should think that one would have to read it. One should NEVER speak about something one knows nothing about. [ED. NOTE: I have read the Bible.]

I'll comment as you have written: "Why does this debate go on and on?"
>Because people have trouble understanding and accepting the truth when it does not fit their presuppositions.

"The theory of evolution undermines the view that we as a species have a special place in the universe. It suggests that the universe is chance-filled."
>As opposed to cream-filled?

"Those are hard ideas for us to accept."
>And, since there is no evidence for evolution, it is hard for me to accept!

"Genesis is much more comforting."
>Aww. I bet you thought you were being genuine and caring. Actually, Genesis is more comforting since all the scientific evidence (like seed development) clearly follow the creation model. Just in case, I'll explain: a seed doesn't "evolve" into another plant. But I'm sure you knew that. Oh, and on the flip side, it is comforting to professors that the states don't eliminate evolution from the schools because they would be forced to examine their lives and understand that we all are accountable for our decisions on this earth on the Day of Judgment. So, for now, they can hide behind the veil of philosophical 'science', deceiving themselves until then.

"Believing, as many people do, that every word (or nearly every word) of the Bible is the literal word of God gives those believers a great deal of personal peace and joy."
>The truth has a funny way of doing that.

"Perhaps the state should not force exposure to the theory of evolution to those students who view the theory as too threatening."
>Threatening to whom? When you know the truth and understand the scientific model, the theory is a flat out joke, and it is quite difficult for me to understand how the hoax has gotten this far! (This is actually why I started to read about the Scopes Trial.)

"Perhaps.  But at the same time, the majority of students who do not subscribe to a literalist interpretation of the Bible should be prepared for advanced study in biology, should they choose to undertake it."
>*what?* I should hope so! However, evolution is a principle being forced upon mostly unwitting students(read: brainwash). I think it is quite odd to think that one would be required to "believe" in evolution in order to study a methodology which fits the creation model! Freedom of thought? Sounds like educational extortion to me. I guess one could say that line of thinking smacks of communism.

"They need to know about evolution."
>I guess that if all else fails, you'll rid the world of the infidels? Maybe an educational "cleansing"? You could create and designate a new governmental department the "Commisariat of Social Extermination"*.

"Teachers need to follow the facts wherever they go."
>Yes, they should. We are in agreement on this simple fact. In all regret, however, they rarely have the guts to do it!

You see, we don't know as much as we think we do. Against God, I am but a meaningless grain of sand. However, with God, His love for me as shown in the perfect person of Jesus Christ and in the Resurrection, allows me to know His love for me and to shine a light into the dark corners of the minds of men. I, too, was an evolutionist, enjoying all things
occult. I hit a wall one day in my ignorance and found a very powerful Satan and saw his face. I woke up out of my intellectual slumber and sought out the truth-because I was frightened! I tried meditation, read the Tibetan Book of the Dead, and enjoyed reading the great thinkers. It all failed me. They all seemed to know of a way, but it was a mystery to them. Then I discovered Jesus-the way, the truth, and the life. The rest fell away like elementary school chums. I now walk with Him every day.
He wants you to know him, too. Knock and He'll open the door.

By the way, it is a shame that Nietzsche lost his mind before he could report that God is indeed alive and well! Of course, he knows now. Just like his buddies, Freud, Hitler, Marx and Engels, Lenin and Stalin, and Huxley and Darwin.

May you be eternally blessed,