Testimony of Benjamin J. Handy in the Trial of Lizzie Borden
June 15, 1893

I am a physician, and have been practising medicine in Fall River nearly twenty years. I went by the Borden house, on the morning of the murders, at nine o'clock, and again at a little after 10.30. Saw a medium-sized young man of very pale complexion, with his eyes fixed on the side-walk. He was passing slowly towards the south. He was paler than common, and acting strangely. I turned in my carriage to look at him. Never have seen him before. Had light suit of clothes, collar and necktie. Have searched for him since; been to the police station to look at various persons; but have never seen the young man since.


He was walking very slowly, scarcely moving. He was agitated, or weak, staggering; or confused, or something of the kind. Did not appear intoxicated. Seemed mentally agitated: showed this by intense expression of his face. I think I had seen him on some previous day. He did not stagger. I did not mean to say he staggered j he didn't. His body oscillated. He did not appear intoxicated.

 I know the defendant. I had the cottage at Marion, at which she was expected.

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